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New song preview – Miracle

This video we made played in the funeral services for Elizabeth Timpe; Mother of Jeff Timpe and Grandmother of Jonathan and Tyler Timpe. The video is a special edit of a song our band is currently working on entitled “Miracle.” We were lucky enough to share a rough version of the song with her prior to her passing and she seemed to really enjoy it. She was a wonderful Mother and Grandmother, we will love and miss her always!

More airplay for our EP @

Tomorrow March 2nd @ 2:30 PM PST

We have been invited back to the! This week, we are being featured on Mike Maffei’s Music Vault show. Mike hosts an awesome show and playlist; we are very humbled and excited to be a part of it! Please join us in the chatroom or tune-in on our mobile to the show.

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For more information on this week’s show, checkout Mike’s Facebook page here:

Now on BandCamp

AeonSatori is now on BandCamp!

We have recently released our self-produced EP on For those who don’t know already, Bandcamp is a wonderful digital music distribution alternative to iTunes, where the focus is directly on the music and supporting artists while giving fans exactly what they want.

High Quality Audio Files

The best part of bandcamp for both bands and fans – high quality audio files for no additional charge! When you purchase an album, you are given access both a high quality mp3 AND the uncompressed, high quality audio files! This is how it should be instead of nickel-and-diming for every possible format. Plus, unlimited mobile streaming via their iOS and Android apps, permanent access to all your purchases, and excellent music discovery tools – for more information on their wonderful service, check them out here –

AeonSatori EP (Epic Prog) Available for free download
AeonSatori EP (Epic Prog)

Speaking of nickel-and-diming, every nickel and dime spent on our AeonSatori EP goes directly to funding our debut full album. So, for those who can afford it, a little extra donation is greatly appreciated. However, we have always wanted no barrier to entry into the world of AeonSatori, so we will continue to make our EP available for free on our site here –

Bandcamp is a great community for all music lovers and we thank them tremendously for all the hard work they are doing… only wish we had known about it sooner.

Check out our page @

EP featured on House Of Prog live radio Friday!

AeonSatori is going to be featured in House of Prog radio this Friday Feb 24th at 4PM EST!

Please spread the word and join us in the live chat!

Here are the Event Details: Bringing you the best in new and classic prog so grab a comfy seat, your favorite beverage and bring your friends along for the ride. I will be spinning vinyl, because music was meant to be heard one side at a time.

Plus a new special show feature called ‘The Missing Groove,’ this is where I feature one side of a CD or Digital album that is not available on LP, but is Vinyl quality and should be released on wax.

This weeks feature will be the music of AeonSatori – Progressive Rock >

Spinning Vinyl … Because Music was Meant to be heard at 33 1/3

The House Of Prog is your home for free form radio. Relive 60’s and 70’s FM!

Prog @ 33 1/3 kicks off at 4:00 PM EST
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New Lyrics “Behold the Pale Horse” (working Title)

We are currently preparing a new song for the 2017 Full length Album, song tentatively titled “Behold the Pale Horse”.

It begins as somewhat of a dark march feel that escalates in drive and intensity. The message attempts to expose many of the current “evils” of our time, the escalating destructive forces driven by covert secret agendas hiding, yet in plain sight. The alarms are sounding; many are awakening to an escalating inner voice that is calling to “rise” and actively respond to defend all that we deem “loving, innocent, good and true”. 

Below are some of the lyrics that came to us that are still in development. Hopefully they reflect some of that angst and birthing energy of our times, and give a sense to people that they are not alone in this uncomfortable energy. Energy that we can no longer ignore nor sweep under the rug with “superficial pleasantries.” Critical feedback, reaction, and open discussion most welcome. Hope to give a peek at the music (even if only in rough form) soon.

– Jeff Timpe

“Behold the Pale Horse” (working Title)

open yearn
to see through lies
In darkness churn
the hatred Rise

cross the sky
deceiving minds
the heartless spurn
the hatred Rise


Eyes open yearn
Eyes open yearn

Grey ashes falling
the evil is crawling
as fibers grow under my skin
worming controlling
to silence the knowing
the voices that stir deep within

Something is calling me
out from my shell
prodding and shaking
like no other voice

Something is drawing me
up from my rest
calling to wake me
like no other voice


Play actors falling
the curtain calls knowing
the crisis before it begins
Truth becomes fiction
a mass mind addiction
gives comfort to blanket the sin

All my defences
show weakened resistance
no shelter to hide from my soul
Courage is growing
i drown in the flowing
of surfacing voices above and below

(Ominous Whispers, mingling with voices of sentiment)
(lead guitar solo,
Key Theme)

Eyes open yearn
Eyes open yearn
to see through lies

Poison prescription
sends death on its mission
for profit position and gain

Enlist our children
misguide through sedition
their innocence sipped like champaign

Played contradictions
confused definitions
soon stiffle the will I intend
Snared by suspicion
Conspired coalissions
they hide behind walls we defened

Something is pulling me up from my rest
Violently shaking like no other can….
(Keyboards and Guitars Solo)


Eyes open yearn

Billy Sherwood Meeting

Had a preliminary meeting with Billy Sherwood about the possibility of mixing and/or producing our debut EP with us as we finish the AeonSatori RISE album. We let him hear 3 selections in rough and he seemed genuinely happy and somewhat excited with what he heard. We found Billy to be a very warm, reasonable, down to earth, and intelligent professional and person. A good soul 🙂 We are so happy to have met with him.

Update on AeonSatori

Jon’s ear has let up in the past few weeks. He has been suffering from a disease called meniere’s for that past couple of years. As you might notice this has put us in somewhat of a crawl mode for creating new material because we have to wait for moments when Jon’s ear can handle the audio without inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering to him simply to include him in the music making process. Regardless me and Tyler go off to our corners and continue to produce new material in its rough forms which we call “Jon’s premix”. We have about 4-5 more songs preliminarily recorded waiting to get Jon’s input in the composition and arranging, and then a collaborative mix to make them presentable for public listens. So we are still working on music that we deem solid works but just don’t have it polished enough to keep from blushing in a public setting… I can tell you that I hope you are as amazed and inspired listening as we are assembling it. I must say we are very happy with what we can produce even when our hands are cuffed so to speak….. We will never give up, never surrender! yay!

AeonSatori on The Prog Mill Radio Program!

More AEONSATORI coming up on this Sunday’s PROG MILL radio show on Stafford Radio from the UK. (16 Feb). Listen out between 11pm – midnight UK time (6-7pm East Coast USA 3-4pm Pacific USA). Love your music and would like to play more!

THE PROG MILL – Sundays 10pm to midnight (UK) (2300-0100 CET) or via tune-in and on internet radio’s. Playing superb progressive rock every week.

Stafford Radio, UK’s only Windmill based radio station. Stafford’s Community Radio from Broad Eye Windmill, Stafford, United Kingdom. Internet only,…