Now on BandCamp

AeonSatori is now on BandCamp!

We have recently released our self-produced EP on For those who don’t know already, Bandcamp is a wonderful digital music distribution alternative to iTunes, where the focus is directly on the music and supporting artists while giving fans exactly what they want.

High Quality Audio Files

The best part of bandcamp for both bands and fans – high quality audio files for no additional charge! When you purchase an album, you are given access both a high quality mp3 AND the uncompressed, high quality audio files! This is how it should be instead of nickel-and-diming for every possible format. Plus, unlimited mobile streaming via their iOS and Android apps, permanent access to all your purchases, and excellent music discovery tools – for more information on their wonderful service, check them out here –

AeonSatori EP (Epic Prog) Available for free download
AeonSatori EP (Epic Prog)

Speaking of nickel-and-diming, every nickel and dime spent on our AeonSatori EP goes directly to funding our debut full album. So, for those who can afford it, a little extra donation is greatly appreciated. However, we have always wanted no barrier to entry into the world of AeonSatori, so we will continue to make our EP available for free on our site here –

Bandcamp is a great community for all music lovers and we thank them tremendously for all the hard work they are doing… only wish we had known about it sooner.

Check out our page @

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