Billy Sherwood Meeting

Had a preliminary meeting with Billy Sherwood about the possibility of mixing and/or producing our debut EP with us as we finish the AeonSatori RISE album. We let him hear 3 selections in rough and he seemed genuinely happy and somewhat excited with what he heard. We found Billy to be a very warm, reasonable, down to earth, and intelligent professional and person. A good soul 🙂 We are so happy to have met with him.

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2 thoughts on “Billy Sherwood Meeting”

  1. Facebook, faut juste voir ça comme un annuaire étendu avec le nom du contact + sa photo.Les applications à deux balles, les vampires, les hot potatoes et tpout le reste, c’est jste un grand marché pour que n’importe qui trouve une ou plusieurs raisons de rester. Mais le vrai Big Deal, ce qui rend Facebook vraiment démentiel, c’est définitivement son côté « Grand Annuaire Mondial ».

  2. People do tend to talk about how the dead affected *them*. But sure, he probably didn't even read the man's bio. Perhaps Bill Clinton would have done that out of (a desire to portray?) genuine curiosity+respect.