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Image of Behold the Pale Horse by AeonSatori


The track shared on this page is yet another pre-production "scratch" recording intended to give a glimpse of some of the exciting material being prepared for AeonSatori LIVE and their soon to be released debut album, (2022).

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(Behold the Pale Horse)

open yearn
to see through lies
In darkness churn

the hatred Rise

cross the sky
deceiving minds
the heartless spurn
the hatred Rise

Eyes open yearn
Eyes open yearn

Grey ashes falling
the evil is crawling
as fibers grow under my skin
worming controlling
to silence the knowing
the voices that stir deep within

Something is calling me
out from my shell
prodding and shaking
like no other voice

Something is drawing me
up from my rest
calling to
wake me
like no other force


Play actors falling
the curtain calls knowing
the crisis before it begins

Truth becomes fiction
a mass mind addiction
gives comfort to blanket the sin

All my defenses
show weakened resistance
no shelter to hide from my soul

Courage is growing
i drown in the flowing
of surfacing voices above and below

(Ominous Whispers,
mingling with voices of sentiment)
( a: Lead guitar solo, b: Key theme)

Eyes open yearn
Eyes open yearn
to see through lies

Poison prescription
sends death on its mission
profit position and gain

Enlist our children
misguide through sedition
their innocence sipped like champaign

Played contradictions
confused definitions
soon stifle the will I intend
( something is calling me out from my cell)

Snared by suspicion

Conspired coalitions
they hide behind walls we defend
(calling to break free like no other force can)

something is pulling me up from my rest
violently shaking like no other can...

(Keyboards and Guitars Solo)


Eyes open yearn

Image of Behold the Pale Horse by AeonSatori
Image of AeonSatori RISE song Title

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Jonathan Timpe
Keyboards, Wind Synth,
Guitar, Vocals

Tyler Timpe
Drums, Percussion,
Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Timpe
Bass, Taurus Pedals
Keyboards, Lead Vocals

Ponder Stone
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All songs written and arranged by AeonSatori
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