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New Lyrics “Behold the Pale Horse” (working Title)

We are currently preparing a new song for the 2017 Full length Album, song tentatively titled “Behold the Pale Horse”.

It begins as somewhat of a dark march feel that escalates in drive and intensity. The message attempts to expose many of the current “evils” of our time, the escalating destructive forces driven by covert secret agendas hiding, yet in plain sight. The alarms are sounding; many are awakening to an escalating inner voice that is calling to “rise” and actively respond to defend all that we deem “loving, innocent, good and true”. 

Below are some of the lyrics that came to us that are still in development. Hopefully they reflect some of that angst and birthing energy of our times, and give a sense to people that they are not alone in this uncomfortable energy. Energy that we can no longer ignore nor sweep under the rug with “superficial pleasantries.” Critical feedback, reaction, and open discussion most welcome. Hope to give a peek at the music (even if only in rough form) soon.

– Jeff Timpe

“Behold the Pale Horse” (working Title)

open yearn
to see through lies
In darkness churn
the hatred Rise

cross the sky
deceiving minds
the heartless spurn
the hatred Rise


Eyes open yearn
Eyes open yearn

Grey ashes falling
the evil is crawling
as fibers grow under my skin
worming controlling
to silence the knowing
the voices that stir deep within

Something is calling me
out from my shell
prodding and shaking
like no other voice

Something is drawing me
up from my rest
calling to wake me
like no other voice


Play actors falling
the curtain calls knowing
the crisis before it begins
Truth becomes fiction
a mass mind addiction
gives comfort to blanket the sin

All my defences
show weakened resistance
no shelter to hide from my soul
Courage is growing
i drown in the flowing
of surfacing voices above and below

(Ominous Whispers, mingling with voices of sentiment)
(lead guitar solo,
Key Theme)

Eyes open yearn
Eyes open yearn
to see through lies

Poison prescription
sends death on its mission
for profit position and gain

Enlist our children
misguide through sedition
their innocence sipped like champaign

Played contradictions
confused definitions
soon stiffle the will I intend
Snared by suspicion
Conspired coalissions
they hide behind walls we defened

Something is pulling me up from my rest
Violently shaking like no other can….
(Keyboards and Guitars Solo)


Eyes open yearn

New Song: Rise

New Lyrics to a song that used to be called Round and Round but is now Called “RISE” 🙂 Oh and here is the latest rough mix as we explore vocal ideas. Should have a more clear mix soon – Thanks for listening 🙂

LYRICS: RISE by AeonSatori

Always those who will do…
Always those who will do what they can
to undo what you have done…

And round n round they spin
and give into their darker sides that lie within
and round n round again
Into the night neglecting the light
That shines within….
Shines within …within
Can You Hear US?
Have You Heard Us?

(One Eye!!) One all seeing Eye has opened
(One Lie!!) To force all others closed
(One Cry!!) Its stare will bind and curse them Over & Over

(One God!!) Of their own making
(One Face) One Race to know its name
(One Law) Self Illuminated Order
(Order from Order)
And fear will show its reign

While Kings of countless ages
(One Race) Sit on undeserving thrones
(One Law) Cultivating your surrender
(One World One Order)

March on New World Soldier Enforcers of Disorder
Your force won’t enslave us now….
March on Christian soldier Defenders of True Order
Release your Love to save us now…


Be the light of every darkened sky (every dawn)
Reaching through
(the Sun, the Light, the One)

Let this Source of life flow into you
knowing that this moment holds all there is to know
Set this love and light within you (set it spinning & spinning) flowing through this moment, exploring this miracle –
(of all that we really are)

When One touches a moment in time
When One releases the Love that’s inside
(we become bright towers glistening)

Be One who touches in this moment in time
Be One with this love and light thats inside
We are One touching this moment in time
We are One releasing the Love that’s inside

(This is where we all are meant to be)

New Song: Looking Glass

This song is currently being worked on to become part of our AeonSatori live set. I wrote an original version of Looking Glass with John Chaldu way back in the Angstrom days, (mid 80’s). Jon & Tyler wanted to revive it as part of our AeonSatori set so together we wrote some new melodies, synth parts, and a few new lyrics were added as well. – Jeff

LYRICS: Looking Glass
I know that Life is a looking glass
I feel the talons of time
I see the mountain before me
I feel the motion emotion to climb — To climb

You can do anything that life has to offer you
Only you limit the sky
You can do anything that life has to offer you
Only you limit the skies — The sky

See the quest before you For future times we sow
I feel a source divine breathe light into my soul

Cast away all doubts and fears that live inside your mind
We’ll carry on with focus high

Look Up — I Look up to the heavens
I feel it rain light behind my eyes
Soar Fly- to the highest vibration
Life holds no boundaries for us now…

Go where the highest of dreams flow
Where love comes so freely
from all that life seems so hard to find
the place where the highest of dreams flow
The treasure is right before our eyes