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34 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. These are the times of deception and awakening. I love your song eyes open, hauntingly poignant to todays plight of the deceived masses awaking through a simple personal whisper that grows louder and compels them to embrace truth. We will see where this leads us but we know inside it must be love. Thank you for your work and sharing your profound artistry openly! Great musicianship as well! My best to you and your continued works. RJ

  2. “Wow, Jeff, this is bloody good mate! Where are you at with a full-length album? I’m inclined to write this up for our GDM readership. Let me assemble something…” George Thatcher (GDM)

  3. “There’s something about your compositions that reactualizes prog rock, makes it deeper, stronger and more meaningful. Above all, it’s highly musical, inviting and alluring at the same time. …these compositions are great to listen to and, most importantly, relisten to. Wonderful. Will purchase as soon as it’s out!
    Best wishes,Kudos to you guys!”

  4. I hear lots and lots of music by new bands that doesn’t really capture my imagination. You guys have something special going on and I dig it. I’m am excited to hear what you do next!

  5. I hear lots and lots of music by new bands that doesn’t really capture my imagination. You guys have something special going on and I dig it. I’m am excited to hear what you do! 🙂

  6. On behalf of the House of Prog and myself thank you for creating some awesome music for us to play, also thank you for hanging out in the chat room as well, Cheers Nick

  7. Had the EP on with headphones listening. Been on repeat for a good hour or so. Really good songs. Look forward to the album coming out. Hope it will be available either CD or LP. All the best from not so sunny Scotland.

  8. Had a listen to your EP today and really enjoyed it. Do you have a video up on YouTube? You’ll find the world is beginning to wake up and you are at the right moment in time to teach through music. My goal is to reach a larger audience, not for myself but for the artists…music is important to me so when I happen across good music I need to share it with others…it’s the old DJ in me

  9. You folks have a great sound, with amazing mixes, & insightful messages going on there. No doubt, others will appreciate what you have brought together.. I will send your link to those who enjoy music that can reach the stars. Great Stuff !!

  10. I am now listening to the ‘Looking Glass’ track and enjoy so much by all that Ive heard! Your music bring light and harmony and it’s very beautiful! Reminds me the very best PROG traditions, I remember many from Yes to Magellan but you have totally original vision and style. Also it’s a sincere music, I feel it. I would lve to work with you, I also see that the visual conception would fits to my own “imaginaruim”. I really glad to meet you!

  11. Wow! Luv it! Thanks for keeping this type music alive and well. Music with vision and exploration! Wonderful! Music has been so “static” hum drum for me for so long … Some parts in your songs have brought my music spirit back full swing. thank you!

  12. Just returned from your web site and I must say that you should be very proud of the wonderful Music you are creating! I listen to a lot of music, mostly Progressive and this is easily as good as the best and superior to most. Thank you for lighting up the Cosmos with this fine Art. I Will find and purchase all of your work. I can only imagine what will emerge when I begin painting while imbibing this music.

  13. Love the message and intent.
    Passionate , driven and unrelenting magic for the masses to wake from a long sleep. Everyone should be Disturbing The Comfortable Comforting the Disturbed.

  14. Hey guys!!! Its Isaac from AV Mazda, I gotta say you guys are making some really solid music with a strong message. Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thank you Brian! We are working on the aeonsatori debute album and ep which should be released shortly. We are on a little bit of a hold as we are working also on our prog rock musical production titled Fields Far Away. We hope to have both the live AeonSatori and the live prog musical up and running simultaneously…we will keep you posted on our progress. (Prog pun lol)

  15. Awesome! Where can I hear more AeonSatori music! I can’t believe I came across this music but I am only able to find 2 songs! Please link me to more
    This is amazing music I have never heard of before