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Progressive rock by its very nature requires much time and dedication. Artists and listeners drawn to this genre seek to explore vast and detailed soundscapes that offer a deep and profound listening experience.

Of course such artistic ambitions find both appreciation and rejection simply due to the diverse musical tastes of the listening audience. We understand that progressive music can often seem complex, new, or “just too much” for a listener that is expecting instantly familiar content delivered by other music. We would actually feel very bad if someone who wasn’t prepared for our progressive music felt they got pinched for even just a dollar or two, coming away with only a music experience that they didn’t enjoy! Yet we know if given a chance, our music may surpass many listener expectations too! So we offer it for free and allow the listener to decide if it is worthy of financial and promotional support.

As previously noted, progressive rock by its nature is a detailed and greatly expanded approach to music that requires more attention by writers, engineers, mixers and overall production than many other forms of music. Although such attention can produce musical vistas that reach beyond the norm, such endeavors also translate into additional expense for those artists who hope to achieve such challenging artistic vision.

We believe there are those out in the listening audience that do understand and appreciate progressive rock and would like to directly support the art form by helping such artists move forward financially through their projects. Foremost, it is our hope that AeonSatori music is received and becomes the joy, inspiration, and music driven experience shared between artist and audience.

Every penny donated will go to directly financing our music effort of AeonSatori. We truly appreciate any size donation and thanks so much for your support. If a monetary donation is beyond your means, just pass the word that there is a new band you love and their name is AeonSatori. 🙂

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1. Looking Glass   03:42  MP3 Download      Zip Download

2. Rise                         08:28  MP3 Download      Zip Download

3. Sunlight                14:08  MP3 Download      Zip Download

4. Eyes Open           07:08  MP3 Download      Zip Download

5. Miracle                 11:15  MP3 Download      Zip Download

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