Update on AeonSatori

Jon’s ear has let up in the past few weeks. He has been suffering from a disease called meniere’s for that past couple of years. As you might notice this has put us in somewhat of a crawl mode for creating new material because we have to wait for moments when Jon’s ear can handle the audio without inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering to him simply to include him in the music making process. Regardless me and Tyler go off to our corners and continue┬áto produce new material in its rough forms which we call “Jon’s premix”. We have about 4-5 more songs preliminarily recorded waiting to get Jon’s input in the composition and arranging, and then a collaborative mix to make them presentable for public listens. So we are still working on music that we deem solid works but just don’t have it polished enough to keep from blushing in a public setting… I can tell you that I hope you are as amazed and inspired listening as we are assembling it. I must say we are very happy with what we can produce even when our hands are cuffed so to speak….. We will never give up, never surrender! yay!

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