Eyes Open to Chemtrails & global deception

Here is a sneak peak at a new song we are writing about awakening to Geoengineering and the globalist agenda. Listen, read the lyrics, and see how many topics your eyes have been opened to. Feel free to share with anyone awake or still sleeping. Any feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

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One thought on “Eyes Open to Chemtrails & global deception”

  1. I cannot be more pleased to have found your group! After meeting with Mr. Jeff Timpe over a nice cup of coffee last Thursday, my own passion for original composition was both strengthened and intensified. It is absolutely amazing to meet a group who possesses such an uncompromising attitude towards originality. I am a film and symphonic composer attending college in Canton, MO (about half an hour north of Quincy, IL) on the verge of graduating, and I find it is rather difficult in this area to find quality music by composers as passionate as yourselves. I was especially impressed by the soundscape you develop throughout Rise, and the full-on, rock climax and subsequent breakdown of the soundscape into nothing left me with chills! Thank you for sharing your passion with me, I look forward to following your progress! Rock on.