New Song: Rise

New Lyrics to a song that used to be called Round and Round but is now Called “RISE” 🙂 Oh and here is the latest rough mix as we explore vocal ideas. Should have a more clear mix soon – Thanks for listening 🙂

LYRICS: RISE by AeonSatori

Always those who will do…
Always those who will do what they can
to undo what you have done…

And round n round they spin
and give into their darker sides that lie within
and round n round again
Into the night neglecting the light
That shines within….
Shines within …within
Can You Hear US?
Have You Heard Us?

(One Eye!!) One all seeing Eye has opened
(One Lie!!) To force all others closed
(One Cry!!) Its stare will bind and curse them Over & Over

(One God!!) Of their own making
(One Face) One Race to know its name
(One Law) Self Illuminated Order
(Order from Order)
And fear will show its reign

While Kings of countless ages
(One Race) Sit on undeserving thrones
(One Law) Cultivating your surrender
(One World One Order)

March on New World Soldier Enforcers of Disorder
Your force won’t enslave us now….
March on Christian soldier Defenders of True Order
Release your Love to save us now…


Be the light of every darkened sky (every dawn)
Reaching through
(the Sun, the Light, the One)

Let this Source of life flow into you
knowing that this moment holds all there is to know
Set this love and light within you (set it spinning & spinning) flowing through this moment, exploring this miracle –
(of all that we really are)

When One touches a moment in time
When One releases the Love that’s inside
(we become bright towers glistening)

Be One who touches in this moment in time
Be One with this love and light thats inside
We are One touching this moment in time
We are One releasing the Love that’s inside

(This is where we all are meant to be)

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